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I have known Lisa Regina for almost 20 years. I met her when she was working as an actress on the TV Soap “All My Children.” As a Headshot photographer, I recommend only Lisa to my acting clients for acting classes and private coaching. Although I’m not an actor, I have sat in and watched numerous classes and workshops of Lisa’s. I am always in awe of her talent as an acting coach. It’s incredible watching the transformation I see actors go through after just one class with Lisa. Watching Lisa teach is seeing a Master at work. She is also warm, kind and very down to earth. Lisa would make any newcomer to acting feel very comfortable.

Barry Morgenstein/ Headshot photographer

Barry Morgenstein
“Barry Morgenstein voted a record 3 times Best Headshot Photographer in NYC in Backstage Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Poll”
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After taking Lisa’s acting classes for only 2months, Lisa was able to get me cast in a film and get me on set in New York City! I never thought I would get the opportunity to pursue my dream of becoming an actor until I found Lisa. It was fate that she was so close to me! She is one of a kind, a true professional, a wonderful, warm person. She is bold, yet reserved, daring, smart, and incredibly patient. She has taught me an impressive amount about the industry in such a short amount of time — what it takes to be a true professional [like her]. I have learned so much in my private and group sessions with Lisa and I look forward to continuing on. Thank you for everything. Rebecca LaPointe



“As a working commercial actor, I know well the value of a good teacher. Lisa’s ability to improve my skills while simultaneously bolstering my confidence is a very special skill I have not encountered in a mentor. Her classes are both fun and yet quite challenging. I know I am better at what I do because of her.” Nathan Neuman



I have been studying with Lisa over the course of the past five years. This past year, I’ve taken my acting career to a whole new level at Lisa’s South Jersey Acting Studio. I not only take Lisa’s So Jersey Thursday nights classes, I also study privately with Lisa twice a week as well . As someone who wants to do this for the rest of my life, I’m fortunate to have Lisa Regina as my acting coach. Lisa’s years of experience as an actress, along with her vast knowledge of the industry and her dedication to her students, sets her apart from any other acting teacher.

I find the combination of Lisa’s classes and private coaching sessions, has allowed me to really grow in my craft. When you take Lisa’s class, you have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of actors. The classes are a great size, so you still get personalized attention and you get a chance to learn many techniques including, scene work, cold reading, commercial copy, cue cards, teleprompter and how to master your auditions. Lisa’s private sessions offer you a chance to further your technique and really personalize the material, as Lisa guides you to dig deep into your emotional life. She is honest with her feedback, so you understand your strengths and also understand what you need to work on further.

Studying with Lisa Regina is the highlight of every week for me and I always look forward to my sessions. I’ll never be able to fully express how grateful I am to have found Lisa. She is an amazing acting coach, mentor, and friend. Brooke Destra



I started studying with Lisa about 2 years ago and she has taught me not only about acting, but about how the industry works. She is very nice and she will also tell you what you need to hear to help you succeed in the business. While in her class, I noticed how she truly cares about each of her students and makes us feel special by providing honest notes and direction. Once I started landing both lead and supporting roles, she was genuinely proud of me. For anyone who is interested in acting and learning about the business, I recommend Lisa Regina’s acting classes, workshops, or private sessions. Studying with Lisa has really helped my confidence and helped me feel well prepared for my auditions.
I am forever grateful to have Lisa as my acting coach! Nelly Rivera



Sonali Verma / Star Plus Network/ India

I am an actor based in New York. I started my career in India, as an entertainment anchor and later I moved on to acting in television. I have worked in TV for over 18 years in India.
“I have been taking private and group sessions with Lisa, and I’m so glad I chose to do that. Her classes have helped me be a complete actor. She’s given me guidance, encouragement and most importantly the skills and courage to go after my dreams! She’s a thorough professional, and a wonderful person. Thank you Lisa, for the lessons to perfect my skills and also for the clarity you bring to your students about how to maneuver the acting world! I have worked in India for a long time but without your classes, I would have been totally unprepared here.”

Sonali Verma



“I have been taking private coaching with Lisa for about 14 months and it has been a great experience. Lisa Regina is a peerless creative ally at every level. She has a top-level sense of craft and holds me to her critical standards. Lisa empowers me to take risks and trust my instincts. When Lisa helps me get ready for an upcoming audition, I know I’ll be prepared. Beyond that, Lisa has offered me many networking and casting opportunities with industry professionals.” Sam Lubin



“ Lisa’s teaching style is superior and I truly love what she has been able to accomplish with me. I had no acting experience when I started coaching with Lisa. Acting was something very new and I only had my strong desire to learn acting. Lisa goes beyond what any other coach offers. Lisa provides me with professional training and is also guiding me in the business of acting. I can’t thank her enough, she is such a great person and a great acting coach. I am so blessed to have Lisa Regina and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to pursue acting.” Thank you Lisa !!! Dennis Scarfeo



Hi Lisa,
I just wanted to tell you that i got a callback for all three performing arts programs! So i just want to say thank you for helping me again! After working with you, I felt such a difference taping the monologues this time. I felt more confident and i was really able to connect to some strong emotions! I wanted to send you the videos so you see how your notes helped! I’m just very proud of these monologues thanks to you! So thanks again!​ Emma Zelaya

Lisa, thanks also for the film audition….I booked it!
Emma Zelaya ‘on set pics’
“The Basis of Intimacy” – Director, Victoria Spadiccini