With a keen eye and understanding of the business, Lisa Regina is a very talented acting coach. She challenges her students in a supportive atmosphere and prepares them for an audition in a film or commercial project. As an acting coach Lisa has compassion and understanding for her students, who are mostly entering the business at a very early age. Her unique style allows her to support each actor but she is not afraid to give criticism when it’s needed. I have watched students with very little acting experience come and take her class and reach levels in their ability that I did not think were possible. She provides a great environment where they can start and develop their work.I highly recommend Lisa Regina for any actor who wants to make it in this business.”
Ari Taub,

Lisa is a passionate, down to earth, no nonsense, professional. She continues to have an exciting career as an actress and is sharing her knowledge as a coach. She speaks to the children in a manner in which they can understand the business and be prepared for what lies ahead, all the while keeping it fun. She provides step by step recommendations and feedback to everything she teaches. There is so much to extract from Lisa’s expertise should you desire to. The children and I have now obtained the confidence we need to take that next step into the industry. We are excited to continue our collaboration with Lisa while we chase after our dreams.
Lisa thank you for sharing your gift with us!!
Meagan Rae Segal (parent of two students)

Student Testimonials
Michael LaMarca –NYC private coaching


Emma Zelaya Testimonial

Gina Marie Lombardo on set!

Jonah Landow on set of 79 Parts!

“2 very successful auditions. I really have to thank you lisa, because without your teaching i really don’t think i could have made the impact that i did in my work.”
-Michael L

“First, I wanted to let you know that we will be there for the meeting and the audition on the 25th.Second, I wanted to say, though I am not sure whether Max is talented, or has potential (he is mine so I think he is great) but ALL he talks about is your classes. Throughout the family vacation he practiced, he does his voice exercises, and he wants to act all day long. Thank you for being such a huge part of this. Max is more confident, happier, and less intense than he used to be – he is a kid who is feeling really good about himself and about life. I just wanted you to know that I am grateful.”

-Cara McGill

You truly have helped me excel in New York and I am grateful to know you.”
-Jenna Sleefe

“Your private lessons have formed a bond we never could have anticipated and your workshops are invaluable. Your guidance and lessons have been priceless in the development of Tori’s skills and my knowledge of the business. For all you do and have done…. Yesterday, today and tomorrow- Thank you.